Here at Swindon Superfast we have been working closely with UK Broadband, the company building the Superfast Broadband Network for the local council (SBC) who are in turn supported by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) the people providing Government assistance for the supply of Superfast Broadband where existing operators cannot provide it. We aim to provide the service to as many companies as possible as soon as is practically possible. If you are a home user a low cost, offshore supported, non-business class version of the service is available from Relish.

There are already a large number of Transmitter Towers in operation around most of Swindon, apart from some parts of the northern expansion areas. Locations already gone live include Stratton, Peatmoor, Highworth, Bishopstone, Chiseldon, South Marston, Wroughton, Wanborough, Alexandra Park and Liddington. Castle Eaton is set to go live soon.