It’s really straight forward, a bit like your mobile phone network only your receiver device is fixed to the roof of your building – outside.

A Network Wireless Transmitter, which is connected to Internet Data Centres in London, sends and receives superfast signals to your office.

Eventually we will have more than  20 of these transmitters covering the whole of Swindon and surrounding areas.

Your business receives these signals via a receiver (we call it an ODU, Out Door Unit). It is a bit like a SatDish, but smaller, and prettier. The ODU then needs to be connected via a cable, to a WiFi router in your office. We do all the work. We even drill the hole for you! This equipment is free and providing the installation is standard and does not need extra-long cables or poles this is free too.

Hey presto you now have SwindonSuperfast Business Broadband with a fixed IP. Going forward you get business class support from locally based experts (well we have been doing this for 3 years).